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2008-05-13 22:18:33 by Diamont

Well...Flashemperor's almost done with the flash...he estimates about an hour or two of work left. There's just one problem:
He hasn't worked on it in about 5 months.
I'm trying to get him to finish it. He might finish it over the summer, when he has more time. In the meanwhile, I'll continue bugging him.

Coming soon to a Newgrounds near you!

2008-03-08 15:36:40 by Diamont

Flashemperor is almost done with the new flash! He should be done this weekend sometime (maybe Monday). On another note, I decided to initiate a once-a-month list of the Flash Empire's members. Since March just began recently, here is the current list:



2008-02-27 21:44:44 by Diamont

Well, Flashemperor and I will release a flash by (hopefully) the Friday after next (3/7). He claims he could animate it in a night, and I hope he's right. He's doing it because I can't use Flash to save my life. I have written a script for it and have planned out what will happen (e.g., what motions the characters are doing), all we need now is one of my friends to do the audio. (I just learned tonight that he couldn't, which ticks me off). I only give you two hints: the title of this post, and this picture:


New Song!

2008-02-20 23:30:31 by Diamont

Listen and like! Or else!

Vote 5!

2008-02-17 15:32:03 by Diamont

Listen to my song! If you like it, vote 5! If you kind of like it, vote 5! If you are indifferent, vote 5! If you kind of don't like it, vote 5! And if you hate it vote 5!

New Design

2008-02-05 19:04:52 by Diamont

Here's a new design I thought up.

New Design


2008-02-05 17:56:33 by Diamont

If you would like to join, PM me, darthflash95, or flashemperor.
P.S. Any ideas for alternate names (or logos) for the group will be greatly apreciated.
P.P.S. Here is another logo design.



2008-02-05 17:19:30 by Diamont

Here is a preliminary logo for The Flash Empire.


Flash Empire

2008-02-05 17:10:23 by Diamont

well, my friends darthflash95 and flashemperor and I are going to start a group. We are debating over what it should be called, but so far the most likely option is "The Flash Empire." I will have a symbol for it momentarily.